Attn. Charlotte Ballard

Environmental Governance Group

Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development

Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University

Heidelberglaan 2
3584 CS Utrecht
The Netherlands



TRANSMANGO publish blog on the use of game jams to imagine and experiment with the many futures of food


Building games together to help imagine and experiment with the many futures of food


How can we ensure food and nutrition security for everyone while making sure our food needs don’t wreck the planet?  This question, one of the biggest challenges of our time, was the key question of the EU-funded TRANSMANGO project. To investigate this question from a European perspective, TRANSMANGO researchers have delved deep into a wide range of present day and possible future food practices, projects and ideas, with practitioners, businesses, citizens, policy makers and others. They have been particularly interested in finding new ways for people to experiment with and imagine what the future of food might look like. It is because of this interest that they have tapped into the unique potential that games offer.


You can read the rest of the blog here.

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